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What are the benefits of joining the Yoga Unify community? 

Save your favorites in our public Course Catalog and Professional Directory. The first of its kind Course Catalog and Professional Directory allows for you to create pathways for your own lifelong learning, by allowing you to search for a teacher and/or course that best fits your personal yoga journey. Though the Catalog and Directory are publicly-accessible, as part of the YU community, you have an opportunity to save your favorites, send private messages, and engage with the teachers directly in the Community Portal.

Participate in stewarding the forward evolution of yoga. When we say that we’re a participatory organization for the yoga community, by the yoga community, we mean it. Not only can you review all Council meeting minutes in the Community Portal, you may also opt to take a seat on the Council when there are open positions. All positions are rotating, and Councilors serve for a 1–3 year term, depending on their personal availability. 

Engage with your community in the News Feed. We believe that the most important community advances happen organically, through conversation. Meet other people in the Yoga Unify community, share ideas, tips, and make suggestions to our Governing Councils and Advisory Board. 

Take advantage of discounts and community benefits. There are a handful of great benefits for the Yoga Unify community, including extraordinarily low-cost professional liability insurance through BeYogi. You can find more about Yoga Unify community benefits here. 

Deepen your studies with our student advisers, or opt for professional mentorship! All members of the Yoga Unify community have access to student advisers to help you create your own pathway of lifelong learning. Yoga studies are a journey, and we’re here to help you navigate that.

Access applications for grants and scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded to anyone seeking to further yoga studies, who can demonstrate a financial need. While grant disbursement will prioritize Yoga Unify Qualified Professionals, all folks in the Yoga Unify community are invited to apply.