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Use the Yoga Unify Professional Directory to connect with the best-fit teacher for you. While teacher–student relationships and the transmission of yogic knowledge has adapted to our modern world, we believe that connecting with a professional to mentor your journey can be an invaluable part of lifelong learning.
Not only does our Professional Directory make it easy to find someone who specializes in exactly what you’re hoping to study, you can trust that all professionals listed in the Yoga Unify Directory have been vetted by our Governing Council on Education and Qualification, and have been assessed as an Instructor, Guide, Mentor, or Adept. You can search the Directory by name, type of yoga, or experience level. The Directory is accessible to all, regardless of participation in Yoga Unify. 

To create a Directory listing, become a Yoga Unify Qualified Professional. To learn more about Yoga Unify Qualifications, click here


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    Ricky Tran

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    Nancy Kearon

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    David Westlake

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    Allison Rissel

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    Donna Amrita Davidge